Can't think of a great way for your wedding guests to gift you? Your house is in order and your honeymoon is already in the bag? Catering is one of your largest expenses for your wedding so why not get help with it through monetary gifts towards your premium wedding catering experience.


~We can send you a quote for your desired catering this will be your gift goal

~Register free for your catering account using the form >>>

~Send us a photo you'd like us to use of you and your fiance(e) (see sample)

~Set up can take up to 7 days

~A link to send to friends and family will be sent to you.

~A monthly statement, so you can see your gift pot grow, will be sent including who sent the gift so you can thank them afterwards

~Once your desired gift goal has been reached we will close your account

~If you have set up a personal wedding webpage and would like the icon to link to the gift registry let us know.

Gift My Catering

By Buffet Heroes

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