Cold finger / fork Buffets

Party finger food buffet favourites, traditional nostalgia on a buffet, stick a fork in a nibbly bit, stuff on sticks, memorable childhood scoffs and always pie hole satisfying. Whatever the celebration is, it's time to set your sights on a lip-smackingly good time with one of our impressive buffet food spreads. 


See our pricing below and contact us for more info and menus.

Super Easy Menu


Set cold finger buffet menu for when you need a no frills catered snack. ** 

Super Value Menu


2-course cold finger/fork buffet with a small pic n' mix menu of traditional faves. **

Superhero Menu


Cold finger/fork buffet with a pic n' mix menu and more food choices. **

Super Cool Menu


This cold finger/fork buffet with mixed platter choices for when something more fancy tingles your taste buds. **


Afternoon Tea Buffet

A traditional afteroon tea with delicious fare of savoury and sweet we're tingling all the senses on this one. **

Super Duper Menu

£11 pp    £9.99pp 

Cold finger/fork buffet with premium food choices for a special celebration. **

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