Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are available to read on our website, a link to these terms is offered in the catering managers email signature upon first contact, reading these are the responsibility of the host/client and ‘booking’ (paying your deposit) are the steps taken by the client to enter into a contract with the company and you agree to these terms.

About your food

Our promise to you (the host/client) is simple, all food is made from quality, fresh and made from scratch or sourced from quality brands and/or suppliers. We buy local and British where possible from responsible sustainable sources. When supplying American foodstuffs we always use British import companies. In the event that one of our suppliers cannot supply food or ingredients that are necessary for the food you have ordered, the chef will make reasonable substitutions. 

Your food is prepared by qualified caterers in a safe environment, registered with SMBC and is fully compliant with the law. Our kitchen has a hygiene rating of 5. Buffet Heroes, therefore, is not responsible or liable for any mishaps due to the poor performance of another food supplier at your event, whether it is you, a friend/family member, another caterer or shop-bought food and even if we recommended them or not. 

A la Carte services

In order to keep our menu prices low other available services are charged separately, so you only pay for what you need.

All parties include a drop off service

For clients who only want a drop off service, your food will be provided on disposable platters. A covid secure buffet pack will be provided for all buffets booked for 30 people+. Super easy and value menus do not include disposable plates, napkins and forks


Better for the environment set up and clean up service upgrade - £40 for 2 hours. £55 for 3 hours. We will set up your buffet table with a table covering and this includes equipment rental of black platters, salad bowls, serving utensils and wood cutlery crate, greenery and led lights. Your food will be decoratively presented for an appealing food spread that will impress. Recyclable disposable plates, napkins and forks provided. We will then return after 2 - 3 hours and clear away the buffet table and take away our equipment. The host/venue is responsible for the cleaning of the function room and/or bar equipment. 


Hot food drop off, set up and clean up services

For headcounts of 30 or lessclients who only want a drop off service your food dishes will be provided in disposable foil trays and is ready to eat on delivery, do not delay in service of hot dishes.

Full-service £40 includes 2 staff/servers, rental of chafing dishes, chafing fuel, set up, buffet service to guests and clear away after 2 hours. If you wish us to stay longer than 2 hrs there will be a £15 further charge for up to 1 hour then £20 per hour thereafter. 


Setting up rooms is the hosts/ venues responsibility. We do not engage in activities that include heavy lifting, furniture arranging or climbing ladders.


Setting up decorations is the host's responsibility. 


Beverage Service (only available with food service)


Hot beverage station: We bring our equipment and supplies for a 2-hour duration for unlimited coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Starting from a basic package for £3 pp or to include biscuits £3.60pp.

Minimum orders

Party menus have been priced for a minimum of 20 - 30 people, we can cater for less ask us for pricing details. The maximum headcount is 80 people for buffets and 150 for grazing.

We encourage you to reserve and book your date as soon as possible. We reserve the right to refuse events that are requested late or exceed our capacity to provide service.

Booking our services

A low non-refundable deposit of £25 will save the date in our diary and we recommend you do this a.s.a.p to avoid disappointment, we cannot hold your date open without it. Once you have paid your deposit your booking will be confirmed with a booking confirmation, sent to your email address within 24 hours of receipt. You do not need to know your headcount or finalise your menu in order to save your date. 

Your deposit is a prepayment towards the total cost of your party, your final balance will be the remainder left to pay once your headcount has been calculated.

Payments can be made to us, using BACS (bank account transfer) FREE. We accept card payments through PayPal which will incur a 3.4% + .20p fee to cover Paypal fees. Cheques, e-cheques and cash are not accepted.

The final balance for your party is due 5 working days prior to your event.  We are unable to open lines of credit and/or deliver unpaid parties.

Final headcount for an event must be received 7 full working days prior to the event. This count becomes your guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction. If attendance is expected to be more than the guaranteed number by 72 hours before the event, we will make every effort to accommodate your group. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of additional items as specified in the original order and will be substituted accordingly.

It is the host's responsibility to order enough food for all guests and including any service providers whom you will be providing food for. Due to our commitment to reducing unnecessary food waste we do not cater overage by more than 3% which allows for spillages only.

Reducing unnecessary food waste is so important to the environment therefore it is important that we don't guess event headcounts, this can be a recipe for disaster including wasted money and grievous amounts of food waste. Let's all be responsible and plan our events properly and responsibly. To find out how take a look here >>>.

Corporate menus for businesses only, must be booked with no less than 5 days notice and only then if we have availability for service. An invoice will be provided to your accounts department and payment can be made through BACS (free) or by credit card using PayPal (this will incur a 3.4% + 20p transaction charge). Payment in full is due by 5 days prior to your event. Cheques and cash are not accepted and we are unable to open lines of credit and/or deliver unpaid events.

You can set up a meeting with us before hiring and a sample platter can be purchased for £20 Just let us know you'd like to purchase one and we'll arrange a delivery slot.

It is the host’s responsibility to provide information pertaining to guests with food intolerance or dietary needs and we can help these guests by arming them with the information they need (see menu matrix) to navigate the buffet table successfully. Vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic / diabetic / LCHF diets can be easily catered for.

Unfortunately, due to our processes, it isn't possible to provide Kosher or Halal foods respectfully to religious standards, we are more than happy to cater a full vegetarian menu as an option instead and all plates, napkins and forks are disposables of good quality and always fresh from the packaging.

All our buffet services including cold finger/fork food and hot food are served buffet style on disposables. We do not provide silver/table service. We can provide crockery and metal cutlery on request which will incur rental charges.

During the Christmas season all our menus are available including our seasonal menus from November 15th - January 2nd, pricing on certain days during the holiday season (e.g new years eve, new years day etc) may be different than advertised or includes a gratuity/service charge and your quote will reflect this. Please note that December is a busy month and recommend booking Christmas and new year parties well in advance.

On new year's eve, we have a beautiful set menu and have 4 delivery slots available.



If you must cancel for unforeseen circumstances your deposit is not refundable. However, you can postpone your date indefinitely until the contract is completed and your deposit can be held and put towards another catering event booked with Buffet Heroes of the same value. Future events must be booked in the same manner.


Cancellations cannot be accepted or any refunds given for any reason after 5 days prior to your event. 


Buffet Heroes shall take no responsibility or liability for failure to supply any service when prevented from doing so by strikes, accidents, power failure, government, acts of God (i.e. weather, floods, fire, etc.), or another cause beyond the caterer's control and deposits and prepayments shall not be returned.


Caterer reserves the right to cancel services for any valid reason.  In the unlikely event, the caterer has to cancel all deposits and prepayments will be returned in full within thirty (30) days. This is the only reason all payments would be refunded.


Redeeming vouchers 

Only one voucher code can be redeemed per booking. Party menus only can be booked, these menus are priced for a minimum of 20 people. Corporate menus, kids parties and the super easy and value menu are excluded from all promotions unless stated. Booking means your deposit of £25 reaches us by the promotion deadline. 


The only information you need at booking is the party date, this date must be between January 2021 and December of 2022 and available in our diary. All other details such as venue, menu and headcount are not important until nearer the time. 


Take leftovers at your own risk.

Guidelines for your buffet are set out by the Food Standards Agency. We bring your buffet straight from our fridges in cool boxes. After setting up your buffet, it can only be safely consumed within a four-hour time frame from drop off. It is the host's responsibility and is very important that you follow this advice. After the 4 hours, please throw away any and all uneaten food.

We do not recommend you take leftovers home and you do so at your own risk. If you decide to take your leftovers home you must bring your own containers in order to do this, we don’t provide them. Please be aware that some food after 4 hours may have already started bacteria growth and if you are not sure what you can safely keep, throw it out, don't risk it.


Waste disposal/removal

Waste disposal is the responsibility of the host. Where the event is a home-based party, the owner of the home or host of the party will maintain and dispose of all rubbish. Where the venue requires waste disposal, on-site bins must be present for the caterer to dispose of same. Where a homeowner or hall/venue does not provide waste disposal, rubbish will be left at the site for the host to remove. If you require the caterer to remove off-site a £25 disposal fee will be applied for arranging waste pick-up and/or removal. If you know you need this service please book it along with your buffet.

Delivering to your party

We are located in SK3 Stockport. We use google maps to calculate your distance.

If your party is local and within 5 miles of base, delivery is only £3.

6+ miles from base £3 + 50p per mile return

We cannot travel more than 50 miles.

We want you to come back to us every time you need catering and so you and your guest's experience is important to us. A review on Trustpilot would be very much appreciated. If your experience wasn't a good one, don't be shy, let us know how we can improve our service to you.

Refer a friend - discounts and freebies for your parties can be earned when you refer a friend.


Data notice, cookies and privacy policy

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  3. We retain your data throughout the duration of any contract we may enter into. If we don’t enter into a contract, or after your contract has ended, data will be retained for up to 5 years following our last interaction, or if we choose to close our business.

  4. We do not take any payment details, this is controlled and processed securely through your bank for us through a BACS transfer or Paypal through their secure platform and this information is not shared or can be accessed by us.

  5. Your data is never shared with third parties. 

  6. We do not use your information as references to gain business, if you review us privately we may use your review with surname omitted. Public reviews, however, are not processed or controlled by us.

  7. Any photographs we take of your buffet are ours to do with whatever we wish including advertising or use on our website. If we interview you for a video testimonial we need your permission to use it. Testimonials will be featured on our site or on our youtube channel.

  8. You have the right to be forgotten and therefore at any time, you can let us know you would like to be removed from our customer list or simply unsubscribe to our emails using the link at the bottom of the email and you won't hear from us again.

  9. You have the right to know what data we hold about you or if you wish to keep your information current with us, get in touch.

  10. Your data is processed and controlled by Lorna Robins please get in touch if you have any concerns, questions or would like to exercise your rights. 


If you have any questions at all about how we work for our customers or need advice about your event, don't hesitate to ask us.