Image by Debby Hudson

Festive Buffets

Festive delights, delicious hot bowls, traditional fare and delectable treats

See our pricing below and contact us for more info and menus.

*minimum headcount 15

Festive Finger / fork buffet

£9.50 pp

Delicious 2 course cold finger fork buffet. Pic n' mix menu so you can choose your Christmas favourites, includes dessert. 

*minimum headcount 20

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Hot Bowls & Christmas Grazing

delicious hot bowls with rolls, butter and dessert included £9.99

Christmas grazing is a premium cheese & charcuterie feast which includes all your christmas favourites.£11

*minimum headcount 20


New Years Package

Premium New Years package, it's everything you need for an elegant celebration.

This menu can also be booked for other festive parties.

*Package serves 12- 20 / Multiple Packages can be ordered to serve your headcount.