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Happy client taken back to his childhood party food favourites | Buffet finger food can be nostalgic

Buffet Heroes was providing a corporate lunch to offices in Stockport. They were having a recruitment drive over a 2-week period and the core staff would be unable to make the time for a lunch run, so they hired us to bring lunch to them.

Every lunchtime we were greeted by a smart suit-wearing man who had a huge smile on his face, he greeted us always cracking a little joke about how he hoped we had cake!

"do you have cake today? " he'd say rubbing his hands together.

Catering for parties is great and such celebrations are the main focus for our catering business. And then there are those who need food as a necessity and it makes us feel a much-needed commodity when catering a corporate breakfast or lunch.

The idea was we brought sandwiches and buffet food, for both meat eaters and vegetarians in equal measures, they wanted us to choose the menu as long as we followed those guidelines and did a different menu everyday, they wanted us to surprise them.

On the first day of the second week, the compliments were starting to come in thick and fast. There was a lady who loved the cake and looked forward to seeing what the cake was each day. We saw eyes lighting up at our entrance, the rubbing together of hands, and eager people in business attire suddenly were hungry and were shifting stuff off tables to accommodate our wares, it was like bringing food to a bunch of hungry kids except there wasn’t any clapping or shout’s of ‘YIPPEE’, well! None that you could hear anyway.

On our 2nd to last day, we walked into the usual shuffle, bright eyes, the licking of lips and the funny guy in the posh suit, told us to follow him to a new location to set up as an exam was taking place in our usual room. When we got there, he said in his deep voice but very child like ‘those little burgers and hot dogs you brought yesterday reminded me of buffets as a kid, oooooohhhhh! I just couldn’t stop eating them, I think I was the one who ate the most, they were so nice'. I thought the ending was going to be ‘please bring more’ but I got a 'thank you, see you tomorrow' instead.

Suit-wearing men and women, posh-looking guys and gals, dapper dudes and dudettes, ladies who lunch, whatever they’re wearing, no matter the price tag on the jacket, when it comes to food they’re just smartly dressed kids and who can blame them, adulting is hard and a little nostalgia from childhood, that little bit of magic in the middle of the day or that innocent playful attitude is something we all need from time to time, no matter who we are, we're all on a journey from birth to grave and should have fun along the way. I appreciate appreciators.

Thank you for your compliment sir I loved it, it really made my day and it still gives me a little giggle, maybe I could bring my mini burgers and dinky dogs to your next birthday party along with some crisp butties and jelly & ice cream and you can complement me some more, casual attire only though :D

Blog post by Lorna Robins head hero at Buffet Heroes.

Buffet Heroes is a small family-run catering business in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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