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10 Best finger foods that are a twist on old buffet favourites. |Buffet Party Food in Stockport

Another 10 best list about our favourite subject, buffet party food. This time with a twist. We were all brought up on traditional buffet food whilst making our favourite memories at our special occasions. It may feel a little old hat sometimes and if we love getting the caterers in, on a regular basis, it's nice once in a while to take a look at a new twist on the traditional buffet food and maybe bring a fresh new look and flavour to the buffet table as a whole. It's not that we don't love sausage rolls and sandwiches, we really do, the alternatives though are just as tasty. Take a look at this list of buffet twists and maybe there's a few you'd like to try next time.

This list is not in any particular order.

#1 - Dogs in Duvets

The Americans call them pigs in blankets, but in the UK we already have a delicious finger food with that name. Dogs in Duvets though are a twist on sausage rolls. Hot dogs in puff pastry are delicious with ketchup or American yellow mustard for dipping.

#2 - Mini Quiche Tartlets

A slice of quiche is a delight on your plate at a buffet but little bite-sized quiches are a delicious alternative and a nice twist on this party food must-have. If you've never tried them, give them a go, don't eat the whole platter though, there are others in the buffet line.

#3 - Chicken & Chorizo Quesadillas

A twist on a regular chicken and cheese sandwich. We're adding chorizo and some Mexican spices to liven up this absolutely morish culinary delight, grab some guacamole, salsa or sour cream for dipping and you've found a new fave.

#4 - Beef & Horseradish in Yorkshire Pudding

Imagine a Sunday roast dinner on a buffet? As finger food!! WHAT!! This twist isn't particularly new I mean toad in the hole has been popular a long time but what is new at least in the last 5 years is having it on a party buffet. It's a true palate-pleaser and is perfect for your party.

#5 - Chicken & Waffles

Chicken Goujons or dippers are great, especially with a delicious dipping sauce BUT if you are a lover of the sweet & savoury collaboration, which is an American staple, e.g peanut butter and jelly (jam), full American breakfast with egg, sausage and bacon eaten with pancakes and maple syrup. I'm a huge fan of the salty-sweet combo and chicken & waffles are a surprising and divine addition to the buffet, which is thankfully becoming more popular in the UK.

#6 - Mince Pie Rolls in Filo

Traditional mince pies are becoming more adventurous every year. Chefs and home bakers are putting their own twist on them and this one is our favourite, I first discovered this twist at Jamie Olivers restaurant they are just a delicious and different way to present the age old festive mince pie. All mince pie connoisseurs will love them.

#7 - Grazing Board

The elevated cheese board we've all been needing in our life and now we can have it as a beautifully designed entire food table or a smaller platter version alongside a traditional buffet.

#8 - Crab Rangoon or Crab Puffs

Do you love a good crab dip? Imagine that shoved in puff pastry or crispy filo for a delectable finger food of epic proportions. If you love traditional prawn vol au vents and prawn cocktail then this tasty twist of gorgeous crab flavour and creamy cheesey goodness, is right up your street.

#9 - Meat on a Stick

Don't you just love Chicken Drumsticks on a buffet? The best ones are those that have a savoury delicate umami taste, to create this we use teriyaki glaze its fabulous. There is a twist on this though and it isn't just different flavoured drumsticks like peri-peri or BBQ but other types of meat sticks, like lamb koftas or chicken satay or kebabs. They are delicious, satisfying and a twist on an old favourite on the food table.

#10 - Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball encrusted with Walnuts

Sticking your knife into something cheesy and spreading it on a cracker or crisp bread is amazing and we have a signature crab dip that our customers go nuts for BUT what if there was a twist on a spreadable dip, in the satisfying shape of a ball? We do a spectacularly delicious smoked salmon cheese ball and upon request, pimento cheese (v) or cheese and bacon or buffalo chicken, the possibilities are endless.

There may be more coming soon

This list was really fun to put together, it's amazing how traditional favourites can become something different and even be a classic all on their own. It must be said that the traditional buffet is still the gold standard but slowly people want to try something new. If you like any of these food twists and wish to add them to your menu get in touch here >>

Blog post by Lorna Robins head Buffet Hero a family catering business in Stockport. For more info contact us at


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