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10 Best finger food ideas that will impress your guests

These aren't just foods that impress from a caterer's perspective these are the 10 finger foods that clients love that are inexpensive and impress people time and time again. To get on this list these party finger foods need to look good, be easy to hold in your hand and be delicious. Most of the foods on the list are currently on our menus, with a few exceptions, which are foods that have been requested from time to time.

This list is not in any particular order.

#1 - Vol au Vents

The mushroom vol au vent is the favourite of our clients even though it's vegetarian it's enjoyed by everyone and goes great on a party buffet table. There are also great filling choices for weddings such as prawns and brie & pear. A great vegan/dairy-free option is coronation chickpea vol au vents.

#2 - Crab Cakes with a spicy sauce

Crab cakes are so good, spicy, and flavourful and usually served with a spicy sauce. This is an amazing finger food. Our crab cakes are made with the same recipe we used when we had our company in the USA, they are Louisiana-style crab cakes and they have that unique but insanely delicious flavour that you didn't even know you loved until you had them for the first time! Served with a spicy, tangy and creamy sauce that will blow your socks off.

#3 - Bruschetta

This delightful finger food is an Italian antipasto favourite, usually thin slices of toasted Ciabatta bread, brushed with garlic and oil and topped with variations of tomatoes and fresh basil, grilled vegetables, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, cured meats, or cheeses.

#4 - Mini brioche rolls

This sweet and doughy roll compliments a multitude of fillings, some caterers even make sliders with these delicious gems. What has become most popular for us is beef with horseradish sauce and smoked salmon and dill in cream cheese. An impressive and delicious handful of goodness.

#5 - Bacon Wrapped Dates

Pitted dates, stuffed with the cheese of your choice, wrapped in bacon, what's not to like? Caterers make these with garlic cream cheese, goat's cheese, blue cheese, and manchego. Although these are not popular for us to sell there are caterers who sell them like hotcakes. You may have also heard of Devils on Horseback, which is usually made with either stuffed prunes or dates with a more spicy filling.

#6 - Mini Quiche Tarts

Everyone loves a quiche wedge right? It is just delicious party food that is good for the soul but you need a fork to eat it. There is a more impressive presentation of the fabulous quiche though and that is mini tarts or tartlets, as you can see they are a great little finger food.

#7 - Caprese Skewers

Buffet Heroes provides a gorgeous Caprese salad for buffets and grazing tables and can put it on skewers for you when requested. I think it is a fitting addition to this best finger food list, it covers the brief perfectly.

#8 - Mini Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a delicious, crispy little Philo pastry-filled

finger of lusciousness. The variations in fillings are endless. My personal favourite is anything I can dip in sweet chilli sauce like vegetable or duck and these fillings are also popular with our clients.

#9 - Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are simple finger food that can have a whole selection of fillings presented on your buffet and everyone loves a sandwich, the finger sandwich is versatile in that you can even make them festive or seasonal with fillings that your guests associate with the time of year and are an impressive presentation.

#10 - Fresh Veggies & Fruit Displays

There is nothing more impressive than a colourful display of fruits and veggies, not only does this food cover almost everyone's dietary requirements but it also looks fabulous on your buffet.

There may be more coming soon

This list is obviously not extensive it doesn't cover any high-end catering companies' fabulous signature finger food creations and as always there may be an opportunity in the future to write more lists. If any of these impressive finger foods are something that tingles your taste buds and you'd like to add them to your menu get in touch here >>

Blog post by Lorna Robins head Buffet Hero a family catering business in Stockport. For more info contact us at


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