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Our top ten favourite venues in South Manchester

First let's start with the reason why I wrote the list of our top 10 venues. We are asked all the time if we know any good venues I always seem to recommend one of these 10 depending on what someone is looking for. It feels good though to be an insider so to speak, Like I'm a knowledge guru or something, So, I felt this is the time to share the info.

These venues are the kind where you feel like everyone knows about them except you. So when you do find them, it's like finding a hidden gem, hiding in plain sight.

All these venues are run by good people, who are willing to help you with your event. I haven't written them in any order and all the information about them are on our venue page.

Cheadle Social Club Right in the center of cheadle village with lots of parking available. The people that work at the club are fab. The function room is rather large actually, it has a small kitchen that we use as a staging area. There is a large carpeted area with seating, good size dance floor and stage for a band or DJ. It is a ground floor room and wheelchair accessible.

Cheadle Hulme Conservative Club. Before I went to live in the USA, I had my wedding reception here in 1990. You can imagine that all these years later, dropping off a party is quite surreal especially as the first time I went I didn't recognise it. This is a fabulous room with split levels, dance floor and can hold up to 100 people. If you fancy hiring this room ask for Debbie, she's available most nights, a good time to call is between 7 - 11pm.

Romiley Liberal Club. Has a great big function room upstairs. The room has a stage and private bar. The downstairs bar is for members only. The staff are all friendly.

Cheadle & Gatley Conservative Club. Very large open function room with a capacity to hold 120 party goers. It's an upstairs room with large Kitchen. The location is great too, it's not far from Cheadle High Street

Stockport Cricket Club. The first time I got to this place I was quite gob smacked. Not only did I not know it was there but when I went upstairs to set up and saw this huge window looking out on the pitch and this lovely wooden floored room, I just wanted to do all my parties here and the staff are really friendly.

The Grove Bar. This place impressed me, we set up the buffet, the man in charge was extremely helpful and the room reminds me of a night club style venue rather than a spacious room thats needs people to fill it. It had little nooks and sitting areas. It's definitely a place you dress nice to, maybe even have a swanky party, I could see myself drinking belini's here.

Wilmslow Conservative Club Great looking venue, there is a balcony upstairs with a lovely view, and the balcony is just off the main function room. They really look after the place. A great venue for both a sunny afternoon or a summer evening. There is also some smaller rooms that would be ideal for meetings.

LMRCA Railway Club - Altrincham Nice large function room and a lounge area to. Staff are friendly and helpful. It also has a couple of outside areas for smoking or summer supping.

Chapters Club Lovely venue in the middle of Stockport and will give your event a classy look, we love this space. The function room is on the 1st floor and benefits from a roof top garden, so as you can imagine, be lucky enough to have booked this venue on a gorgeous day and you can have a gorgeous outside party.

Dean Row Village Hall Now this is what I'm talking about, a hidden gem, it can only be accessed one way and has 2 very large function rooms, a stage and a kitchen.

There are loads of function rooms in South Manchester and if you find yourself stuck on where to book, use our list, be sure to book well in advance and if you hire one of these venues and hire us to because you saw them on our list, we will gift your party with chocolate or cake displays.

Blog post by Lorna Robins head Buffet Hero a family catering business in Stockport.

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