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5 Hacks for a Wedding on a Budget

1) Buy over time

A wedding on a budget is easy when you buy some of your items with every pay check over time. such as; Silk bouquets and boutonnières

Shoes, dress, veil, suit,

Gifts for wedding party

2) Save everything

As well as buying some bits over time, if you both save 5% - 10% out of your pay check each month. Save birthday and christmas money (ask for that instead of gifts) this can go towards your big items such as: Venue, Food, Car.

3) Take all offers

Don't be proud, an offer of help is usually made sincerely and if someone asks if they can make or buy your cake, or take your photos you say yes. (I don't mean Uncle Bob with his new iphone).

4) Don't skimp on the things that matter most

Some couples don't care which venue their reception is in as it's more about family, so they will spend money on food and entertainment. Some couples do care about the venue. What ever you care about most, save up for it.

5) Have a realistic timeline

Once you are engaged, why rush the wedding. It will be a day that lives in memories forever so make it everything that you want it to be. Sit down together and make a realistic plan of what you want and how long it will take you to save up for it.

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