• Lorna I. Robins

5 ways to get a better deal for your party catering

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

1) An event must be a viable proposition to the caterer in order for them to make enough money to pay all expenses incurred by the clients event, this, of course, is obvious and true of all businesses but for some reason when buying catering, customers don’t think about this and think caterers are being unfair, unreasonable or expensive. It’s understandable, as a potential client is emotionally attached to the celebration that they’re buying catering for and if they only wanted to spend a certain amount, then, of course, it would be frustrating.

This could also be because potential clients don’t buy catering very often and don’t really know how much it costs, or it’s been a long time since they paid for catered food and have not taken into consideration food and labour inflation.

If you are on a tight budget it would be worth noting here that you shouldn’t expect to pay less than a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal per person for catered food, it isn’t realistic and better quality catering would be more. Don’t get me wrong there are cheaper food providers about but for a quality buffet, provided by a professional caterer with qualies and experience, insured and registered its worth you having a little flexibility on that budget and surely just knowing your food has been prepared safely makes it worth it.

2) Not only are caterers not being unfair or unreasonable with