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6 facts about a Grazing Table you didn’t think of

Grazing tables are an epic, amazing, pièce de résistance type food spread that is an intricately designed art installation. The grazing table trend although has been popular overseas for a while, it has now picked up some popularity over the last few years here in the UK.

Grazing tables are suitable for all occasions but especially weddings, late evening buffets, corporate soirees and funeral receptions.

Here are 6 facts you didn’t think of as to why you should order a grazing table for your next event.

1) A grazing table is the fresh new face of our time and makes traditional buffets look old hat.

2) A grazing table eliminates the problems of catering to multiple dietary needs. There is enough choice for a gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, egg-free, carnivore, keto and diabetic diet without special or separate plates needed.

3) A grazing table is chock full of food choices and options you would be hard-pressed to find a guest including fussy eaters that can’t find something to eat.

4) A grazing table is so different and unique, created using seasonal produce and food items that there would never be two grazers the same.

5) A grazing table is so aesthetically pleasing that your guests will be amazed.

6) A grazing table will get your guest's tongues wagging and guarantees that your event will be on Instagram and Facebook before you even get your first drink at the bar.

If you agree that a grazing table is the way to go for your next event, get in touch.

Blog post was written by Lorna Robins owner of Buffet Heroes in Stockport.

Buffet Heroes produce Grazing Tables in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas of the North West.

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