• Lorna I. Robins

An American Themed Birthday Bash in Stockport

For us there is nothing quite like the buzz in the background of a party, when you are a behind the scenes service that brings smiles to peoples faces it makes your whole job worthwhile, this goes especially for when someone invites you into their personal space to prepare the feast to be enjoyed by their family and friends, it seems a lot more intimate than it does at a venue, it's an honour...

Hannah was having a special birthday at her parents home in Stockport, she had chosen a country and western theme for her party and our American grazing experience was the buffet served for the occasion. The American grazer is choc full of Hostess brand cakes such as twinkies, ding-dongs, zingers and ho ho's. Freshleys powdered mini donuts. Savouries such as traditional chex mix, pizza flavoured gold fish which is something my lads kept eyeing up, goldfish crackers were their go to snack when they were young and growing up in Florida, it was also nice to see the children at the party buzzing around, trying to take a sneek peek of our wares. And the goodies continued with sweet and salty popcorn and of course all the candy faves reese's peanut butter cups, almond Hershey kisses, oreo bites, twizzlers, jimmi stix and you can't forget the grand ole Oreo cookie, this was just the dessert section.