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Coronavirus, covid-19 and your event or family gatherings.

Facing coronavirus and being responsible and taking this seriously means social distancing, self isolation and not attending any event, function or party of any numbers but especially gatherings of close family, friends, elderly and those with underlying health problems, within the next few months and maybe longer.

The hospitality industry as a whole is taking a huge hit just like everyone else and the health and well-being of customers and staff is the issue at the forefront of all decisions being made.

For all of these reasons and more is why responsible venues are taking government advice and exercising the right to cancel all events and this is why you could lose your deposits for your venue, caterer, DJ, bumpy castle, photo booth etc. And this would be a financial nightmare if your event was cancelled with only a few days notice.

There is a solution and a way you could keep your bookings active without the loss of some or even all your deposits.

Postponing, that's right! Read the terms of service for all your service providers or give them a call and ask if you can postpone instead of cancel and could you keep your booking active without losing the deposit by doing so.

Even though the health of your guests should be your greatest concern also consider the emerging climate, what if:

Your venue has supply problems and unable to provide basic services.

Your caterer can't supply the food you've ordered due to shortages and restrictions from some suppliers.

And all deliveries would also be on a contactless basis.

Your DJ could not attend your event potentially putting themselves and their family at risk.

Remember, no one has a crystal ball and can predict the future but calling your event team to ask to postpone if your event is before September 1st 2020 is a smart move.

Our recommendation is to postpone until after September and then review the situation again at that time.

Don't cancel, postpone.

Blog post was written by Lorna Robins owner of Buffet Heroes in Stockport.

Buffet Heroes produce Grazing Tables and traditional cold & hot buffets in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas of the North West.

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